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  Malaysia keen to attract more Chinese caital

  After canceling B&am;R rojects, China tech becomes new ideal for country
  Malaysia's canceling of two major Belt and Road (B&am;R) initiative rojects is a "forced" choice because of the country's dim financial conditions, but the move has definitely not signaled any unwelcome signs for Chinese investment, a Malaysian official told the Global Times recently.
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  "From my oint of view, canceling the China-backed East Coast Rail Link roject and the natural gas ieline roject in Sabah was a forced choice, a way out of no ways, based on Malaysian financial conditions at the moment," said Will Fung, chairman of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.
  "Surveys have found that Malaysia's national debt is on the verge of running into danger. The country really cannot afford such large investment rojects, in articular, [when] taking into consideration the costs of maintenance and oerations that follow u," Fung told the Global Times in a recent interview.
  Mounting debt is one of the many roblems that newly elected Malaysian rime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is determined to fix with a reform lan, according to Fung.
  "In the ast decade, the Malaysian ublic lost confidence in the revious government on such issues as corrution and low efficiency of administration," he said.
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  "We are really touched by China's understanding about our choice [on canceling the two rojects]," he continued.
  Addressing media in Beijing at the end of his visit to China on August 21, Mahathir said the Chinese-funded railway and natural gas rojects will be canceled for now.
  He also said that China understands the reasons behind Malaysia's decision. Because Malaysia's national debt is now at $250 billion, "we cannot reay, and also because we don't need those rojects for Malaysia at this moment," the rime minister said.
  It was reorted that the two rojects in total would cost about $20 billion. The initial investment is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.
  Desite his remarks on China-funded rojects, he called on Chinese comanies to continue to invest in Malaysia and increase technology transfer to his country.
  This message has been deemed as a mixed signal and confusing. But in Fung's view, the cancelation of the rojects is just a case-by-case situation given Malaysia's financial condition, which cannot fully reflect the rime minister's attitude or view on cooeration with China.
  "Mahathir is obviously showing to the outside world that his country needs more Chinese technology and talent and he's very welcome of Chinese enterrise investment," said Fung.


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Cleaning and maintenance of leather sofas
Guide: Our love for leather goods may come from the unique texture that has been deposited over a long period of time. Treat it with the fetishism and make the leather sofa at home a good object for durability.
In today's advocating minimalist life, people tend to prefer fabric sofas in the choice of sofas. However, there are still some people who insist on using leather sofas. Whether it is a fabric sofa or a leather sofa, there is a reason to choose it. Some friends love the unique texture and feel of the leather sofa, but they often know very little about the cleaning and maintenance of the sofa. Today we are one. Get up and learn how to clean and maintain the leather sofa.
Leather sofa
Let the sofa stay in a suitable environment
1. Ensure ventilation in the living room. Too dry or moist will accelerate the aging of the leather.
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2. Avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight radiation causes the temperature of the leather to rise, causing the oil to volatilize, the humidity to decrease, the elasticity to decrease, and the cracking, which also causes the colored leather surface to fade.
3. Avoid contact with high temperatures. In the winter, the leather sofa should be away from the indoor heating facilities (at least 30cm away from the heat source). Also don't put it in the place where the air conditioner is directly blown, it is easy to make the leather surface hard.
Leather sofa cleaning
Leather sofa cleaning
Cleaning cycle
Clean once a week, wipe with water to remove dust from the sofa surface.
A maintenance in 2-3 months, using a professional leather care agent to wipe.
Thoroughly cleaned once a year, it needs to be cleaned with a professional leather cleaner and then treated with a care agent.
Leather sofa cleaning
Cleaning step
Dust removal: First remove the floating dust on the surface of the sofa with a soft cloth, and clean the clean water. This step does not require the use of professional care agents.
Cleaning: Sponge or soft cloth with a cleaning agent, gently wipe, do not put too much force, be careful not to scratch the surface of the leather. The general cleaning agent should be mixed with water in proportion, and the relevant instructions should be understood before operation.
Maintenance: Wipe with a leather care agent after cleaning.
Leather sofa cleaning steps
Specific cleaning method
1. Regarding stains, leather sofas of various colors, especially the light-colored leather surface, will be stained with stains for a long time. Dilute with a cleaning solution such as detergent, wipe with a towel and soak the surface of the leather, then use a "safe bleach" in a glass bottle to wipe the dirt with a towel. Finally, soak the towel with water. The surface of the sofa is wiped clean.
2. First wipe the surface of the leather sofa with gauze and warm water, then use the leather scrubbing agent and protective agent that can be purchased by the supermarket to wipe it. Remember not to use too much force. In addition, the inner surface of the banana peel also has a protective effect on the surface of the leather material, and the price is low, which is worth a try.
Leather sofa cleaning. Eraser
3. If the child is naughty, it is quite troublesome to put the ink of the stationery on the leather. At this time, how to clean the leather sofa, you should wipe off the ink with an eraser as soon as possible, but if there is grease or dirt, then you need to scrub with a small amount of low-concentration soapy water, then wipe it with water. Also try to wipe the stained leather sofa with egg whites.
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4, if it is a relatively heavy dirt, detergent and milk have no effect, you can try softer alkaline substances, such as alkaline surface. Buy a bag of edible alkali in the supermarket, scrub with a soft brush and rub the water. The aged dirt in the texture can be removed. Immediately after scrubbing, remember to wipe it off with water immediately.
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Leather sofa
5, there are some synthetic leather imitation leather sofas will produce mildew after damp, how to clean such leather sofa? The general synthetic leather imitation leather is caused by the moisture of the bottom of the leather, plus the accumulation of surface dirt of. The longer the time, the stronger the fiber binds to the mildew. To deal with this mildew, first use the old toothbrush to pick high-alcohol and wipe the mildew spots. Then wipe with a cloth to let the wine and mold spots evaporate. If this method is not effective, it can be diluted 20 times with water with ammonia water, and the mildew that is not easily wiped off with a towel will be cleaned after being evaporated and dried.
Leather sofa maintenance
1. After buying a leather sofa, first use a maintenance wax to put a protective film on the sofa to prevent dust and sweat from immersing in the pores of the sofa. It will be difficult to clean in the future.
Leather sofa maintenance
2, use the maintenance wax to clean and maintain the sofa once a month. In the summer, people should be cared for once a week because they sweat more. Don't wait until the sofa is dirty and clean it, it's hard to clean it.
3, a lot of cleaning agents are harmful to the cortex, you should choose the right cleaning agent. It was difficult to see when cleaning. It was a problem after a long time. The real leather sofa, the leather is very precious, just like human skin, it needs to be carefully maintained. Only after maintenance, your leather sofa can last for a long time. As new, bring you the enjoyment of life.
Really afraid of sofa maintenance
4. Do not use water to scrub the leather sofa. After a long time, the cortex will become hard and lose the soft feeling. Do not use a detergent to clean the sofa, one will make the leather legs color. The second is to make the cortex harder; once the sofa is dirty, you must ask the professional housekeeping company to clean and maintain.
Note: Which cleaning products are not suitable for leather sofas
Soap water
Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent can not only effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the furniture, but also corrosive, which will damage the leather surface and make the sofa dull.
Dishwashing liquid
At the same time, if moisture penetrates into the wood, it will also cause mold or local deformation of the wood, reducing the service life.
Spraying wax can only be used to spray wooden furniture surfaces and cannot be sprayed on sofas. Because the leather sofa is actually the skin of the animal, once the spray wax is sprayed on it, the pores of the leather product will be blocked. Over time, the leather will age and shorten its service life.